And so I’m back at uni. By the time I was walking back to my car to drive home it felt like I hadn’t just had nearly 4 months off. I only had Economics for Business today, a first year subject. Half of it was spent explaining the unit outline etc. etc. and the other half was spent in a combination of boring me and telling me things that I can’t accept. People might disagree with me, but economics is so unscientific in it’s approach. It might be quite mathematical, but it’s just not real. These things aren’t actually happening, someone just says that they are. I can’t handle that and my brain can’t handle that. I like things based in fact rather than in the abstract. I think my lecturer lost me when she said that “Economists assume that people make rational decisions”. Well they don’t, do they? Sure they might occasionally, but not as a rule.

I can’t belive how organised people were today. I’d hardly figured out my timetable and there were first years in my lecture who had already logged into the uni website and downloaded todays lecture notes. Who does that? I know I didn’t when I was in first year. More importantly (and annoyingly) they’d already signed up to tutorials and taken the two that suited me best. Now I’m stuck with 6 uninterupted hours on Tuesday so I can actually do a tutorial. My choice was either that or exactly the same thing on Wednesday. Fun fun. Now I’ve never done such a large subject before, and getting a tutorial at a specific time in the past meant either writing your name down on a bit of paper outside the lecture theatre or just turning up. I know I’m not going to like this class. Luckily the assignments are only 500 words each and are only worth 10% together. So, however hard they may be they’re at least short and unimportant.

I think I shall go put my absolutely gorgeous Moleskine diary to good use and copy in it some due dates and the like, and then go for a walk. Got to keep up my routine.