Well, the first week of this semester has been and gone and now it’s down to business. I have to hand in my first assignment tomorrow, change out of a course (soil & land resources) into another (advanced food safety) and try and change out of my current economics tutorial into another one to give me Tuesdays off. Days off might be the norm for Arts students, but for Science students they can be hard to come by.

With my soon to be aquired day off I shall only miss one day of lectures/practicals when I make my trip up to Melbourne at Easter. I still have too book my plane tickets, but I plan to go Tuesday afternoon and come home sometime on Saturday. I booked my ticket to Dylan Moran on the 14th today, and a Melbournian is kindly holding my ticket to Sigur Rós on the 11th. Therefore I’ve got free nights on the 12th and 13th at the moment. Well, I’m planning to see Danny Bhoy on the 12th, just have to book my ticket. And I’ll have to organise some accomodation.

My first scholarship payment came through on Friday. This means not only will I be able to pay for exciting things like tickets and air fares, but much less exciting things like textbooks that I will never use again after this semester. I spent my last two years of my scholarship on two computers but I’ve got nothing as big to buy this year. I’ve decided that I may as well enjoy myself while I’m young and so my CD collection is sure to get a big bigger and I shall be frequenting many more gigs. More so I have to enjoy myself during semester because I’ll be doing work experience for most of the 2006/07 summer holidays. I need to do 15 weeks for my degree and I’m yet to do any. I’ll hopefully get 2 weeks between semesters this year, and the same next year, but that still leaves 11 weeks. Fun fun.