My name is Hannah and I’m a 19 year old student from Tasmania, Australia. I study Agricultural Science at UTAS and I’m half way through my degree. When I finish I plan to take at least a year off (I’ve been at school of some sort since I was 3) and use the time to travel through Europe. I absolutely love travelling but I’ve decided to wait until I finish uni, because I’m not sure if I’d go back after tasting freedom. In the meantime I’ll have to be content with the odd trip to Melbourne or Sydney.

I have two passions in life: music and comedy. Some of my favourite musicians are Sigur Rós, Múm, Efterklang, Iron & Wine, The Boy Lacks Patience, Animal Collective, Kings of Convenience and Belle & Sebastian. My profile is the most accurate record of my listening habits you’ll find, but if it’s a bit different or from some strange European country chances are I’ll like it. Some of my favourite comedians are Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey, Ross Noble, Noel Fielding, Danny Bhoy, Simon Pegg, Adam Hills, The Bedroom Philosopher and Josh Earl. I absolutely love watching stand up comedy, particularly that of British comics, but I’ve recently discovered the odd Australian comic that can manage it as well. Unfortunately there’s something about North American comics that tends to annoy me rather than make me laugh.

I’m an absolute Apple nerd. I have an 17″ G5 iMac (iSight), an 800MHz 12″ ibook and a 20GB iPod (3rd gen). I get amazingly frustrated whenever I’m made to use a Windows computer. I wish my uni was one of the ones that used Macs but unfortunately they only have a couple in hard to get to places.


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